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The man deserves rest, extravagance, and a basket of time

In this time of Omicron, when I keep a mental list of which friends and colleagues are quarantining due to Covid diagnosis or exposure, when thousands just mingled and shouted at an anti-vaccine mandate rally at the National Mall, hearing Dr. Anthony Fauci’s voice on the radio always perks my…

Omicron poses a serious threat, but we’re not back to square one

Omicron has quickly supplanted Delta to become the dominant variant in the United States after spreading widely in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world.

In the past couple of weeks, Covid cases have set records in the U.S. — reaching almost triple the number of…

Age Wise

A positive perspective on aging predicts better health and longer life

Your well-being later in life and even how long you live may depend on whether you fear getting older, or if you instead embrace aging and maintain a positive outlook about your future self. Mounting research suggests that the sooner you shun negative stereotypes about aging, the better chance you’ll…

The Nuance

Your brain is equipped with a waste management system that does most of its work while you slumber

Two centuries ago, the Scottish physician Robert Macnish theorized that the purpose of sleep was to “renovate the mind” by offering it a period of deep repose.

The idea that sleep helps rejuvenate a weary brain had been around long before Macnish’s time. But as recently as 20 years ago…

Evidence of the mind’s immune system goes back 70 years

Want to understand the roots of our crazy, mixed-up, post-truth world? Care to be part of the solution? The key, on both counts, is to understand how the mind’s “immune system” works.

Here’s the idea: The mind has infrastructure for filtering information. This infrastructure functions like the body’s immune system…

The Nuance

Certain tasks encourage psychological detachment from work, which can prevent stress and burnout

Betty White, who died New Year’s Eve at the age of 99, liked to drink a vodka on the rocks every night before dinner. According to the Financial Times, White often credited both her longevity and her career success to her evening cocktail.

Alcohol has plenty of downsides. (And White…

Age Wise

Loneliness has spiked among younger adults especially, and no one is immune

Modern society has torn us apart in many ways. Grown kids scatter across the country and around the globe. More people live alone than ever before. Polarized ideology divides family and friends. And perhaps most insidious, social media spotlights supposedly idyllic lives that can make our own existence seem isolated…

Why you should not drink your own pee (yes, really) for Covid-19 or anything else

If there’s one truth you can rely on regardless of the situation — from the current unending pandemic nightmare to the balmy days before — it’s that someone, somewhere, will try literally anything if they think it might help their health. For example, I’ve previously discussed geophagy, where people eat…


Your life, sourced by science. A publication from Medium about health and wellness.

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