There’s Good News About Your Immune System and the Coronavirus

When antibody levels go down, T cells have your back

T cell rendering. Image: Design Cells/Getty Images

B cells and T cells work as a team

Even if “antibody levels are quite low in coronavirus infection, having T cells around to get them up quickly will give you quite a bit of protection.”

When antibody levels go down, T cells have your back

“But what we think happens is almost all of those patients will have T cell memory, and the T cells seem to be quite durable.”

Some people’s immune systems might be handicapped by the virus, while others may have a running start

“I think this is working like lots of viruses work, and it’s going to hit these pathways we know about. And maybe tucked in there will be some new surprise that will guide the way to a better way to treat not only this virus, but other viruses.”

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