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Lydia X.Z. Brown, a policy counsel at the Center for Democracy & Technology known as Autistic Hoya online. Photos:

Autism Is an Identity, Not a Disease: Inside the Neurodiversity Movement

Activists argue that rather than trying to ‘cure’ or treat the neurodivergent, society should learn to accept, appreciate, and accommodate their needs

At first glance, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) annual gala in November looked…




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A rack of jeans in a store, with signs above that say “Skinny,” “Jeggings,” and “Skinny” again.

About a Resilient Nation

Wonder if we don’t adapt to the change?

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Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Journalist writing about science, children, mental health, race, gender, disability, education and related topics. Author of The Good News About Bad Behavior.

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