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Control, Calm, Coronavirus

Dear Elemental reader:

We just hit publish on our latest coronavirus story. It’s called “Quarantining and Isolation: When Do You Do It, And Why,” and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t cause me to pause and think how eerie it is to publish a story with that headline.

So much is unknown, so much is unfolding, and so much is unfounded when it comes to coronavirus. I have no doubt that your feeds, your inboxes, and (let’s be honest) your friends and family are overflowing with the latest reports and rumors. I know mine are.

This is a time when Elemental’s mission — to provide you with trusted, science-backed health and wellness information — becomes paramount. We’re committed to giving you the guidance you need to keep your family healthy and safe, and to helping you feel calmer and more in control in the process. Our latest stories are below.

Yours in hand-washing and facts,

Sarah Collins (editor in chief) and the Elemental team

Editor in Chief of Elemental @ Medium.