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Could a Single Vaccine Protect Against Covid-19 and Future Coronaviruses?

Scientists are working on a ‘universal’ coronavirus vaccine

Anya Harris prepares a Moderna coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine at Red Hook Neighborhood Senior Center in the Red Hood neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough on February 22, 2021 in New York City. Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Covid-19 isn’t the first coronavirus outbreak. Before SARS-CoV-2, there was SARS and then MERS. All three viruses likely spilled over from bats. Hundreds more coronaviruses are out there lurking in nature, waiting for the opportunity to…




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Emily Mullin

Emily Mullin

Former staff writer at Medium, where I covered biotech, genetics, and Covid-19 for OneZero, Future Human, Elemental, and the Coronavirus Blog.

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