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Covid Catchup: All the Developments You May Have Missed

The latest and most concerning pandemic revelations, in brief

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can replicate only after using its spike proteins to bind with receptors on human cells, then injecting its genetic code into a host cell, as depicted in this artist’s impression, then hijacking the host cell’s reproduction machinery. Credit: SCIGRAPHIX / S. Westermann

Given Covid fatigue, you’re excused if you cut down on doomscrolling and tried to ignore the bad pandemic news as 2020 wound down. But welcome to 2021. Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths continue rising in the United States and elsewhere, vaccine rollouts are…




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Robert Roy Britt

Independent health & science journalist writing motivationally about the science of physical health & mental wellness. Former editor-in-chief of LiveScience.

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