Drinking Is the Best Part of the Day. Is That Unhealthy?

One writer’s defense of the Covid-19 cocktail hour

Photo: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Mornings, I eye the levels of the bottles, count the empties, and shake off a slight unease. Surely some gremlin has been in here pouring?

Waiting out the apocalypse, though, called for something more… numbing. As one of my friends sheltering in place in Brooklyn and switching to the hard stuff put it, “These are not white wine spritzer times.”

What is “excessive” consumption — the question we stop thinking about as we slice the lime?

Drinking away the pandemic is a global phenomenon. Ina Garten is mixing cosmos in a martini glass that rivals the Stanley Cup in size, and Stanley Tucci is giving lessons in the art of the Negroni. The World Health Organization website mentions booze in a “myth-busters” page, advising people not to assume that because alcohol hand wipes kill the virus, drinking it does the same. “Drinking alcohol does not protect you against COVID-19 and can be dangerous,” the site states.

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