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Your life, sourced by science. A publication from Medium about health and wellness.


  • Steve Webb

    Steve Webb

  • Aryn Kalson-Sperandio

    Aryn Kalson-Sperandio

    I help professionals sound like the leaders they already are. Visit me at

  • Simismartibiyemi


    Professional ghostwriter

  • Ghia Aweida

    Ghia Aweida

  • Olumide. A.

    Olumide. A.

    -Higher Vibrations 📶 -Fallout of my first existential crisis so i write occasionally to ease my mind and clear the fog ☯️ - Love, light and intuition to you 💜

  • Diane Alcada

    Diane Alcada

  • Giulia Penni

    Giulia Penni

    Copywriter @ Persado. Logophile. Lifelong learner. I don’t write to impress. I write to inform, entertain, inspire. Thanks for your time!

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