How Much Longer Do We Have to Live Like This?

The most honest, direct answer from experts is ‘we really don’t know’

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

Until you can be sure you’ve had no symptoms 14 days from any interactions with the last person who might have been sick … you can’t be sure you aren’t part of an infection chain.

Why was the initial period 15 days, and why is the new one 30 days?

So how long is this really going to last?

What can I do? Just groceries and absolutely essential errands that can’t be put off?

“The issue with smaller towns and rural areas is that we lack testing almost completely, so while people in NYC know the virus is there, many of us don’t.”

I’m going out of my head! Can I get together with one other family for games or dinner or to share childcare?

If I live in a small town with a small population, can I relax a bit more than people in New York City or Seattle?

How do I wrap my head around all this?

Tara Haelle is a science journalist, public speaker, and author of Vaccination Investigation and The Informed Parent. Follow her at @tarahaelle.

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