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Let in the light.

Good morning! If there’s a sunny window near you, may I suggest you sit by it to read this email?

I wanted to let you know about something Elemental has been up to, in case you haven’t basked in the glow of it just yet: LIGHT WEEK. Over the last 5 days, we’ve featured a series of stories about light — how it affects our bodies, minds, and well-being, according to science.

We felt like it might be a good time to launch LIGHT WEEK because, I dunno, it’s been feeling pretty dark lately. Dark month, dark mood, dark happenings (and dark humor, at least in my house, where 60% of my family is stricken with a stomach bug). Why not make things a little brighter?

We start out with a story about how the light bulb has affected our evolution, shifting our body clocks by a whopping 2 hours. Next, Elemental’s staff writer, Dana Smith, turns her skeptical scientist eye to trendy infrared light (she sweated in a small box for you). Then we flip the switch entirely to talk about darkness and how it can cause you to lie, cheat, and hallucinate old men in bathtubs (not necessarily a bad thing). The truth about blue light, screens, and your sleep comes next — if any teens are reading this, there are some good science-based retorts for your parents in here.

And today we praise morning light and the wonders it does for your mood, metabolism, and alertness. Which is why it’s great to sit near a window. We could all use a little more light in our lives.

Sarah Collins

Elemental editor in chief

Editor in Chief of Elemental @ Medium.