The Elemental Guide to Water

Seltzer and Your Health: All Your Questions, Answered

Everything you need to know about bubbly water and your body

What’s the difference between seltzer, sparkling water, club soda, and tonic water? Is one better for you than another?

“Sometimes tonic is sweetened, but generally seltzer and sparkling water are not, so they’re a good option for someone trying to step away from soda or juice.”

Is seltzer hydrating or dehydrating?

Is seltzer bad for your teeth?

What is the “natural flavoring” in seltzer, and is it bad?

Why do some seltzers have sodium?

Is seltzer appetite-suppressing?

Does seltzer have the same water-quality standards as regular bottled water?

Can you water a plant with seltzer?

Can you bathe in seltzer?

Is it possible to drink too much seltzer?

Why do some seltzers taste different (besides flavor). Are there different bubble sizes?

All of which is to say that White Claw is basically a vodka soda.

Does seltzer cause kidney stones?

What is the alcohol in White Claw?

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