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Prescriptions are rising, but often the drugs don’t work, and other effective treatments are dismissed

Photo: Julia Zolotova/Unsplash

Antidepressant drugs can be an effective treatment for many people diagnosed with depression, particularly in the most severe cases. But these medications, which can have troubling side effects, are far from the only option, and for many people they simply don’t work. …

Age Wise

Several strategies can help prevent a downward spiral — they all start with reaching out

Photo: Leon Liu/Unsplash

Rainy days often get me down. Even a little overcast can put me into a funk. Sometimes I just get moody for no good reason. That’s all normal. But when feelings of sadness persist day after day, any of us — me, you, a family member, or a friend — runs the risk of plunging into debilitating depression. There is no immunity. There are, however, effective prevention strategies.

“There is ample…

Age Wise

Self-care strategies to use before depression gets the best of you

Photo: Sasha Freemind/Unsplash

Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open — precipitated by “huge waves of anxiety” the 23-year-old feels over obligatory press events and the “long bouts of depression” she says she has dealt with since 2018 — highlights the reality of the shadowy world of depression, an increasingly common condition that can sneak up on any of us, at any age, for reasons obvious or mysterious.

Osaka’s decision to “exercise self-care,” as…

Age Wise

The science of sexual satisfaction through the years

Photo: Nani Chavez/Unsplash

Desire for sex hasn’t changed much for me over the years, and while it’s none of your business, it’s still good, sometimes better than ever.

According to science, I’ve got three things going for the older me: I get a lot of physical activity, I feel younger than my actual age, and apparently I’ve developed a little “sexual wisdom.” So if you’re fumbling through your young-adult sex life, or stressed out in middle age wondering where the magic went, trust that there are ways to improve your sex life now and as you get older.

But don’t take my word…


Your life, sourced by science. A publication from Medium about health and wellness.

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