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That strange sense of feeling younger than you are is very common

Image: Pixaby

After about age 25, most people think of themselves as younger than their chronological age. …

The Nuance

‘The chronic stressors that impact our body the most are both unpredictable and uncontrollable. And the pandemic is both.’

Illustration by Kieran Blakey for Elemental

Trump’s makeup and hair-dying habits made such comparisons impossible. But Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton all looked noticeably older — and, in particular, grayer — by the end of their terms. Side-by-side photos of these presidents are often held up as proof that stress takes a visible toll.

But does stress really age a person more quickly? It’s a question that a lot of…

One scientist studying centenarians believes the answer may be in their genes

Illustration: Virginia Gabrielli

One of the established facts about Covid-19 is that it hits older people hardest — which is why stories of centenarians beating Covid-19 piqued the curiosity of geneticist…

It may be a combination of genetics, lifestyle, attitude, and a yearning to keep on going

Illustration: Felicity Marshall

Midway through the war, the Mydans were captured in the Philippines. The Japanese held them in POW camps in Manilla and Shanghai. But despite spending two years as prisoners of war, both Mydans survived and went on to live long and productive lives. Shelley lived to 86, while Carl made it all the way to 97.

Many who survived the war were not so…

Simply gardening, dancing or golfing helps fend off dementia, researchers say

Image: Science Photo Library/Getty Images

In the new research, brain scans of 1,557 older people, average age 75, revealed that the most-active third of them had a brain volume 1.4% greater than the least-active third, a difference equivalent to being four years younger, the researchers say.


Illustration: Kieran Blakey

The Nuance

How skin ages and what you can do about it

Even those who take meticulous care of their skin are likely to develop age- or sun-related imperfections as they grow older. And for many, any new mark or mole kindles skin-cancer concerns. For good reason: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. While the majority of skin cancers are basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas (types that…


Forget Silicon Valley biotech wonderdrugs. Leading gerontologists are making a historic bet on metformin.

Art: Scott Gelber

Michael Cantor would like to avoid this fate. He’s not a fanatic—not the type to haunt biohacking subreddits for self-quantification tips or take dozens…

Photo Illustration by Savana Ogburn; Photos by Anja Riedman and Karima Adi

Building strength and grit to live better, longer


Reflections on the Mediterranean diet as an antidote to encroaching middle age

Illustration: Karnn Bhullar

The Cilento is Italy’s second largest national park, encompassing thousands of square kilometers of cliffs, gorges, mountain peaks, plunging waterfalls, and verdant ravines. Situated on the edge of the Mediterranean just south of the…

It’s also never too late to start, experts say

Credit: Yew! Images/Image Source/Getty

“It is brilliant in many ways,” she says, noting that it helps her get exercise and it’s good for the environment. …

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