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Users are complaining of dizziness and nausea when using noise-canceling headphones like AirPods. While the cause is unknown, some hearing experts have theories.

Photo: Daniel Romero/Unsplash

It took less than a week for Shaun McGill to ditch his new Apple AirPods Pro — the latest wireless headphones equipped with a noise cancellation feature — and return them to the Apple Store. No stranger to earbuds, the 49-year-old frequently wears headphones, including the original AirPods, for hours at a time while listening to music and podcasts. However, after a few hours with the new buds nestled snug in his ears, McGill began to feel dizzy and unable to stand up, “sort of like a sugar low, but more extreme,” he says.

Young adults are experiencing hearing loss and experts say earbuds are to blame. But there are ways to jam out safely.

Photo: Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Hearing loss isn’t just the stuff of senior citizens: 1 in 5 teens will experience hearing loss — a rate that’s 30% higher than it was 20 years ago. You know what wasn’t around 20 years ago? Earbuds.

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