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Despite widespread criticism, brands like Flat Tummy Tea are still booming


“Food baby or real baby, bloat is a total b*tch!”

Heavily pregnant model Amber Rose instagrammed the above caption this June while holding a bag of Flat Tummy’s pregnancy tea. “It’s safe to take while pregnant,” she wrote. “Haters stop riding the bandwagon! #ad.”

Flat Tummy’s millennial pink webpage claims the pregnancy tea can aid nausea and digestion, “For our bloated babes!” Yet in small print at the bottom of the page the company notes: “Please do not use the products available on the site when pregnant or breastfeeding.” After being called out for this discrepancy, Rose deleted her post.

Your body doesn’t need as much help removing them as you might think

Illustration by Carolyn Figel

If you’ve ever read the marketing copy for anything wellness-related, you’ve probably been alerted to the fact that our bodies are full of toxins. Absolutely loaded with them. We’re basically walking toxin containers, continually in need of cleanses, scrubs, masks, soaks, and drinks to expel them from our pores, flush them out of our insides, and break them up wherever they lurk.

That toxins are ever-present—and bad—is made perfectly clear. Less clear, however, is what, exactly, these toxins are.

For the most part, we’re using the word “toxin” all wrong, says Pascal Imbeault, a cellular biologist at the University of…

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