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Moments of grace amid an ongoing global crisis

Lago di Mezzola. Photo courtesy of the author.

I was starting to feel drained. I sorely needed a good hard workout and a walk in the woods.

I packed up my bike and put my “hall pass” in my jacket in case the police stopped me. Movement for “health reasons” is allowed. Grocery shopping, traveling for necessary work, or coming home from another area is also allowed. People are out walking their dogs and doing maintenance work along the roads. Generally, riding a bike or walking along a trail seems to be allowed. …

A first-person look inside the Covid-19 lockdown in Italy

Eerily calm plaza in the northern Lombardia region. Photo by author.

Follow Elemental’s ongoing coverage of the coronavirus outbreak here.

This morning, I stopped by a coffee bar near my house. I’ve become friends with the barista, Stefano. As Stefano prepared my macchiato lungo, he said he had some sad news. His father, who had been ill for some time, had died. The funeral was canceled because of the restrictions imposed on the region.

Stefano placed my coffee on the counter. Normally, in an Italian coffee shop, you stand at the bar and drink the tiny cup of espresso. I took a few sips as we continued talking. A guy with…

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