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Your life, sourced by science. A publication from Medium about health and wellness.


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A Slightly Greener Thing

Even mild cold exposure may mimic some of the metabolic benefits of exercise

Denis Blondin spends a lot of his time dunking people in cold water.

Blondin is an assistant professor at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec. …

New research on standing points to a minimum daily goal

London’s bright-red double-decker buses are one of the city’s hallmarks. Seventy years ago, those buses and their operators were at the center of one of the first occupational studies to examine the role of sitting on health.

Back then, each bus had a driver and a conductor. For a 1954…

Cooling down is not just for athletes

Every year, athletes the world over train and sweat in scorching environments in an effort to improve endurance and skills or win a coveted roster spot. While covering the struggle to land a professional football position, writer Hunter S. Thompson quoted legendary Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, “Speed kills.” According…

How to live, work, and move in ways that keep your spine healthy

Four out of five. That’s the number of Americans who experience back pain at some point in their lives. It’s the leading cause of disability around the world among adults, second only to infections as a reason for seeking treatment. As a chiropractor, I treat patients with this affliction every…

Age Wise

A little physical activity can trigger a mental makeover

Among the most underrated revelations of modern scientific research is the healing ability and protective power of physical activity. And I’m not talking about fixing your body.

Forget that moving more can help you live longer, avoid debilitating physical conditions or even battle chronic pain. Upping your level of physical…

Carrying weight for distance — or rucking — is part of the human design and it can keep us fit and healthy

Last fall I found myself standing on the Arctic Tundra, about 120 miles from civilization. One hundred pounds of caribou filled my pack. I had to hoof the weight back to camp, which was five miles away. All uphill and across the tundra. And the tundra is a savage landscape…

Monday Move

Go back to basics for your body and brain

I had a big and difficult decision to make last week, and as the little bubble of anxiety in my gut grew bigger and bubblier as the deadline approached, I could just feel it in every cell: I had to move. …

For the most part, getting a Covid-19 vaccination shouldn’t change any of your typical health, fitness, or wellness routines, or at least not for more than a day or two. Still, it’s reasonable to have questions about whether you should hold off on certain things, such as working out, drinking…

Monday Move

Don’t @ me

Sometimes, you just need to go ahead and do the sucky thing: Tell people the news they don’t want to hear. Make the tough decision. Put that beloved toy that sings the creepy song out on the sidewalk while your toddler is napping.

Blast the death metal and do the…

Observations from a reluctant exerciser, in a pandemic

I have always been a sporadic exerciser. And, yes, that’s euphemistic. My periods of regular exercise historically come in fits and starts, then disappear as quickly as they arrive — replaced with dark chocolate and binge-watching.

In fact, years ago, I pitched and was hired to write a “reluctant exerciser”…


Your life, sourced by science. A publication from Medium about health and wellness.

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