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Exploring and building in a virtual world develops memory and spatial awareness

Photo: picture alliance/Getty Images

Standing between us and the castle was a red knight with a sword. He appeared angry — inasmuch as a heavily pixelated figure can show emotion — and was headed in our direction. I turned to my daughter and suggested we take a different, less confrontational path. She nodded, and we hurried along the far side of a large lake.

This was the first time my young daughter and I had entered the 3D virtual world of Minecraft. …

If you hate exercise and strict diets, this story is for you

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty

A few months ago I was at a health and wellness fair, mostly looking for free swag for my kids. I sat down at a cholesterol and blood pressure screening booth and the nurse told me that my blood pressure and cholesterol were both high for my age.

Hearing the words of the nurse and realizing that I was in my forties and my oldest child was 17, I knew that I needed to make some changes. Would I be there to see my eldest daughter’s wedding? …

Amateur mental health discussions on the streaming platform Twitch are gaining popularity–and that has professionals concerned

Photo: Tom Eversley/EyeEm/Getty Images

In October 2017, Marie Shanley felt she couldn’t continue her job as project manager in New York City after suffering a public panic attack two months into the new role. During that time, negative feelings about her life were overwhelming, and she had trouble finding resources to help navigate her issues.

That’s why she took it upon herself to help others in similar circumstances. She started building a website and producing content for Instagram and Twitter, and then a friend suggested Shanley find a niche on a relatively new form of online communication: Twitch.

Twitch is an immensely popular service

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