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The Nuance

The optimal amount, preparation, and timing — according to the latest research

Gertrude Stein once wrote that coffee “is a lot more than just a drink; it’s something happening.”

The more experts study coffee, the more that “something” seems to be good for us.

Just this month, a large study in the journal PLOS Medicine found evidence that those who drink 1…

The Nuance

A new theory could resolve long-standing contradictions in the saturated-fat research

It’s a mystery that has confounded nutrition scientists.

People who have high levels of cholesterol in their blood — especially LDL cholesterol, a.k.a. the “bad” kind — are at elevated risk for cardiovascular disease.

Meanwhile, foods high in saturated fatty acids — including eggs, full-fat dairy products, and red meat…

The Nuance

Cancer risks, Covid-19 disappointments, and hidden health lessons

In 2001, a team of American cancer researchers launched one of the largest clinical trials ever conducted.

Known as the SELECT trial, the study was led by some of the country’s foremost cancer experts, including doctors at the National Cancer Institute, the Cleveland Clinic, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research…

Research shows these psychospiritual forces may be critically important for decreasing risk of illness and death and boosting overall health

When I was in graduate school studying world religion, philosophy, and psychology, I became intrigued by what, if anything, undergirds all the wisdom traditions. I had no interest in diluting them or melting them into one. I was more curious about what was beneath belief. After much research, I arrived…

Hours-long wait times in emergency rooms aren’t just inconvenient. They can be deadly, and they’re the norm again.

Last week, my wife was transported by ambulance to an Arizona hospital’s emergency department with a concussion. Her case being relatively urgent, she was ushered to the front of the line for observations and scans. Not everyone is so, um… lucky?

The waiting room was packed with miserable people, mostly…

The Nuance

When was the last time you ate barley, millet, or buckwheat?

The study’s design was simple: Every day for four weeks, people ate a serving of either whole grain barley, whole grain brown rice, or both. They changed nothing else about their diets or lifestyle.

At the end of those four weeks, fecal samples revealed that the people’s microbiomes had undergone…

A Slightly Greener Thing

The latest research suggests that our bodies, like our oceans and ground soils, are now dumping grounds for microplastic waste

You probably already know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It’s the Texas-sized mass of plastic debris that’s floating in the ocean between California and Hawaii.

Except it’s not Texas-sized anymore. It’s much larger.

According to estimates from The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit research group, the garbage patch is now…


Your life, sourced by science. A publication from Medium about health and wellness.

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