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Human Nature

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Lying is in our nature, and it’s socially acceptable

Photo: Cirilopoeta/Getty Images

During a recent episode of , a surrogate for the host hit the streets to ask people how they voted on President Donald Trump’s impeachment that day. “Um, I voted to impeach,” said one man, looking sincere and thoughtful. Next, he was asked how the lines were at his polling place. “Um, they were actually not as long as I thought they would be, unfortunately,” he said. Another man, who said he voted against the impeachment, said his polling place was “pretty packed.”

How could their voting experiences have been so different? Well, for starters, there was no…

What happens in your brain when you get the giggles?

Credit: PeopleImages/Getty Images

People laugh about five times in every 10 minutes of conversation. They are also 30 times more likely to laugh when they are with other people compared to when they are alone. It’s common to think of laughter as a loud reaction to a funny joke, but most of the time it’s simply a recurring feature of normal social interaction.

Sophie Scott is a scientist and professor at University College London who leads much of the current research about laughter. …

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