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Dr. William Meyers is medicine’s most prominent expert on core injuries, and some of the top groins in sports owe it all to his surgical handiwork

Dr. WIlliam Meyers

Roy Oswalt tried to gut it out — literally. In 2003, Oswalt was in his third year as a starting pitcher for the Houston Astros. He was a rising star but had developed a mysterious injury: Whenever he threw, Oswalt felt a sharp, sudden pain in his groin. “It was like someone had stabbed you,” he recalls. And the pain moved around, from his pubic area down to his inner thighs or up to his gut.

The anxiety that’s harming hardcore athletes

Credit: piranka/Getty Images

Kate Mroz-Weinstein suffered a few aches and pains after she picked up distance running to relieve the stress of writing her doctoral dissertation. Yet despite the discomfort, she eventually got so good at it that she qualified to run the most prestigious road race on the planet: the Boston Marathon.

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