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Lack of coordination and trust caused trouble for the country’s response to the pandemic

Photo illustration. Sources: alexey_ds, Lepusinensis/Getty Images

As any aficionado of the “Italian grandmothers making pasta” video genre might infer, Italy’s population has the world’s second-highest proportion of older adults. Twenty-three percent of the country’s residents are older than 65, and 20% of older Italians live with at least one child.

Moments of grace amid an ongoing global crisis

Lago di Mezzola. Photo courtesy of the author.

I was starting to feel drained. I sorely needed a good hard workout and a walk in the woods.

A first-person look inside the Covid-19 lockdown in Italy

Eerily calm plaza in the northern Lombardia region. Photo by author.

Follow Elemental’s ongoing coverage of the coronavirus outbreak here.

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