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Here’s how to save money (and not get ripped off)

Photo: Shana Novak/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About a month and a half ago, Jane*, a woman in her twenties, entered a Manhattan drugstore whose brand would be familiar to most Americans. She went to the pharmacy to pick up two prescriptions her doctor had sent in. One was for a new form of birth control, and while Jane was shocked to hear it would cost her $50, she nevertheless paid for it. For the other prescription, she was initially quoted a price of $80 — but it was her lucky day, the pharmacy staffer told her: A coupon he found behind the counter would reduce that…

Answers to every question you have about a new U.S. service that ships abortion-inducing drugs

Photo by James Worrell/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty

Women in the U.S. who have trouble accessing an abortion—because of cost, geography, waiting periods, or other reasons—now have another option: the mail. Aid Access, an online organization that allows women to order abortion-inducing medications shipped directly to their home, has been discreetly operating in the United States for the last six months, according to the , serving an estimated 600 women so far.

Aid Access isn’t a new idea—it’s a spinoff of Women on Web, a site founded in 2005 by Dutch physician Rebecca Gomperts to supply abortion-inducing drugs to women in countries where abortion is outlawed—but it

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