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Please go away and never come back

Photo: Paula Winkler/Getty Images

Dear Hot Flashes,

I was about to give a talk to 1,500 people at a conference. And then, there you were. You showed up and you didn’t mess around. You heated me up. And you didn’t stop. You kept at it, all right. You kept at it 17 to 20 times a day.

Hot flashes, you don’t care what I’m doing when you hit. When I’m teaching, I have to throw off my sweater, only to put it back on three minutes later, and a cashmere scarf too because I’m suddenly freezing. Who knows what my students think. …

It’s unproven, and it comes with potential risks

A collage of the female reproductive system.
A collage of the female reproductive system.
Credit: Jasenka Arbanas/Moment/Getty

A British fertility clinic in Birmingham, England, says it can stave off the unpleasant effects of menopause for 20 years by freezing a piece of a woman’s ovary when she’s young, then reintroducing it in her body later in life through transplantation.

The clinic, ProFam, reports that nine women aged 32 to 39 have undergone the freezing procedure, which costs £7,000 to £11,000 (about $8,500 to $13,300) and involves a small incision in the abdomen, called a keyhole surgery. …

When it’s 20 years early, but the symptoms point to menopause

Photo: Vladimir Vladimirov/Getty Images

After their wedding in June 2017 and honeymoon in Tanzania that October, Holly Gurr and her husband, James, looked forward to the bliss of marriage. But instead, they learned that their future together wasn’t going to be what they had imagined.

Gurr, who lives in London, missed her period while in Tanzania. Though the couple wanted a baby, they planned to start trying after their honeymoon, so when she missed her period again in November, she knew something was wrong. She headed to the doctor, who did blood work. He said everything looked fine and attributed Gurr’s missed periods to…

New companies are leaning into women’s midlife moments

Illustration by Celia Jacobs

Inside a Walgreens in Pacific Heights, an upscale district of San Francisco, Sydney Larson strolled through the aisles. Her heels clicked on the floor as she circled the cosmetics aisle, looping past colorful tubes of lipstick and fridges filled with two-for-one Vitaminwater. She frowned. She took another loop and continued her hunt for incontinence pads — less kindly known as adult diapers. “This is odd,” she said. “Normally, they’re signposted.”

Larson eschewed the tampons and condoms, and stopped next to a sign for ointments and itch cream — finally she’d found them. She bent down to examine the bottom shelves…


Your life, sourced by science. A publication from Medium about health and wellness.

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