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Pandemic Reflections

The pandemic got me stuck in emergency mode. Here’s how an actual emergency-room visit snapped me out of it.

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Create a space for quiet and contemplation

More than 40% of women are changing their procreational plans

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An OB-GYN reviews the early research and the protective role of the placenta

A mother who tested positive for Covid-19 while she was pregnant and after she delivered is isolated from her son at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg, Texas. Photo: Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

A framework for making decisions from parents working in public health

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A pediatrician makes sense of the latest data on the mysterious inflammatory syndrome associated with the novel coronavirus

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What is MIS-C?

Please, please can we have camp?

Photo: Kawee Wateesatogkij / EyeEm/Getty Images

Kids are staring at screens all day. Is that unhealthy? Experts can’t agree.

Illustration: Sophi Gullbrants

Whether you’re anxious about Covid-19 or something else, it’s best to fess up

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Illustration: Matija Medved

One Day at a Time

Daily insights on life in the face of uncertainty, by psychiatrist and habit change specialist Dr. Jud Brewer

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