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Hospitals across the country are seeing fewer sick kids; a pediatrician explores why

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It’s a Friday in April, and after a week on service, I’m down to one pediatric patient in the hospital. Not that I’m wishing for sick children, but as a pediatric and adult hospitalist physician, this isn’t what I’m used to. This isn’t what the entire country and much of the world are used to either.

Illustration: Simone Noronha

Chelsea Clinton and Devi Sridhar explain why we need to turn our attention to the most vulnerable among us

In the interdependent world of the 21st century, we are only as healthy or safe as the most vulnerable among us. Never has that been clearer — at least in our lifetimes — than in recent months, as countries grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic. In the United States and the United Kingdom, where we live, the virus has disproportionately affected populations that were already vulnerable, including people of color, people in prison, and the elderly. And we are only just beginning to learn about the virus’ impact on one of the most vulnerable populations: children.

Scientists are working on an app to catch the tough-to-diagnose but common ear infection

Credit: Nick Dolding/Getty Images

Symptoms of an ear infection are hard to catch and sometimes even harder for kids to communicate — the most warning parents tend to get is a fussy kid acting out or not being able to sleep.

Why finger-wagging anti-vaxxers isn’t enough

Illustration: Renderburger

Emotions run high on the topic of vaccination. People resent being forced to make choices for their children that they are not comfortable with, and others resent having their children put at risk when their classmates aren’t vaccinated. There are active protest groups on both sides, and in the meantime, cases of preventable disease are on the rise.

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