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Problem Solving

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Yale’s Dr. Grossman challenged dogma to change the outcome for infants

Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images

This story starts with a puzzle. Can you think outside the box? If so, try solving the following challenge. Imagine this nine-dot puzzle is printed on a sheet of paper. Now, with a pen, connect all the dots, drawing just four straight lines without taking your pen off the paper.

The Nuance

Experts say if you want to harness sleep’s problem-solving powers to the fullest, think about your dilemma just before bed

Illustration: Kieran Blakey

Thomas Edison appreciated a good midday snooze, and the great inventor’s quirky napping routine has become legend. By most accounts, Edison liked to settle into a comfortable chair with a ball bearing in each hand, and metal pie pans at his feet. After dozing for a while, Edison’s hands would relax and the ball bearings would clatter into the pans, waking him up.

All this was not without purpose. Upon waking, Edison would immediately write down whatever thoughts came to him. His belief was that many of his most inspired ideas came to him in the dozy, dreamy moments that…

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