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Reproductive Health

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Observations from an integrative medicine physician

Photo: Volodymyr Zakharov/Getty Images

“Sex was painful,” she said. Three years post-menopause, my patient had no other bothersome symptoms. No hot flashes, no night sweats, no moodiness, nor many of the other complaints menopausal women sometimes have. “But I don’t want to take hormones, because my mom had breast cancer.”

Why aren’t innovative women-centric health care startups providing abortion?

The Tia Clinic in New York City. Credit: Tia

In early April, I attended a press breakfast highlighting new initiatives and startups in the world of reproductive health care. Held in a meeting room in a swanky midtown New York hotel, the event — billed as “The Future Is Female-Centered Healthcare” — featured a panel discussion of women from a number of reproductive health care-focused startups, including the birth control telemedicine services Nurx, IVF clinic Kindbody, women’s clinic Tia, and online pharmacy Capsule. The president of the National Institute for Reproductive Health was also present.

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