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They may seem like a golden ticket, but it’s more complicated than that

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I’m writing weekly for Medium about my experiences as an emergency medicine doctor during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read my previous posts on vaccine inequities, the variants, and more, here.

Recent studies have deepened our understanding of in-flight Covid-19 risks

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After hitting a historic low in the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of air travelers in the U.S has been slowly ratcheting up. On October 18, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened over 1 million air travelers in a single day, an emblematic number that hadn’t been reached since March. With the holiday season approaching, even more people may be encouraged to hop on a plane to visit their families.

Advice and guidelines for Halloween and beyond

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Co-authored by Kristi McClamroch, PhD, MPH, Alison L. Drake, PhD, MPH, and Ifeoma Udoh, PhD

Here’s what experts advise

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As many states across continue to ease lockdown restrictions, reopening leisure-focused businesses like gyms, retail, and hair salons, another cadre of nonessential recreation is beginning to open their doors: Popular visitor attractions like amusement parks, museums, gardens, and zoos. With kids out of school for the summer and larger vacations likely put on hold, spending the day on a riverboat tour or snapping masked selfies in front of Cinderella Castle at the newly reopened Disney World can be a refreshing way to spend the day — but is it safe?

Hotel stays may not be the best move, but if you must, here’s how to do it safely

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Hotel bookings are still at a record low, but travelers are beginning to consider reserving rooms this summer as states reopen. Whether you’re planning a hotel stay for pleasure or out of necessity, you should first read through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s list of considerations for travelers — there are a number of new risks and health safety precautions you’ll need to consider before and throughout your stay in a hotel. Beyond those basics, here’s a detailed guide to how public health experts suggest staying safe during your next hotel stay.

How hotels are responding to Covid-19

America’s major hotel chains know that…

The risks you need to weigh and the precautions you need to take

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It’s been five months since I last saw my husband, João. He is currently alone in our apartment in Newark, New Jersey, while I’m staying with my parents in Ourinhos, a small town in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Due to U.S. immigration procedures, we had been in long-distance relationship mode even before Covid-19, but at least the situation was eased by the perspective of him visiting me in Brazil every three months.

What to know, what to disinfect, and whether it’s okay to swim in the pool

In this photo illustration, a man looks at listings on the Airbnb website.
In this photo illustration, a man looks at listings on the Airbnb website.
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With travelers clearly still wary of hotels — in April, bookings were down by a staggering 85% compared to last year — many are instead considering (or already planning) a stay in a home rental property this summer.

The good news: Cars may be the safest way to go right now — just pack your hand sanitizer

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As states begin to reopen, and air travel remains risky, travelers and health experts alike seem to agree that this may well be the Summer of the Road Trip.

3 answers to common questions about getting around during the pandemic

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These questions are adapted from Medium’s Coronavirus Blog.

If I need to travel, is it better to take a plane or car?

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the summer plans of people around the world. Right now, many places have stay-at-home orders in place that largely restrict travel. However, as states begin lifting these restrictions, or as people need to move, there are questions about the safest way to do so. Is it better to take a road trip but risk stops along the way? …

An appreciation for robust coronavirus testing, drive-thru clinics, and a strong national response

A photo of two Korean women wearing face masks at Jogyesa Temple in South Korea.
A photo of two Korean women wearing face masks at Jogyesa Temple in South Korea.
People wearing face masks walk under rows of lotus lanterns at Jogyesa Temple in Seoul on March 23, 2020. Photo: Jung Yeon-je/AFP/Getty Images

It wasn’t long after the coronavirus outbreak started that expats in South Korea, like me, started fielding misinformed panic from friends and family back in the United States. This isn’t new for us. Every time something bad happens in South Korea, misinformation goes viral in America, and we get bombarded with worried messages.

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