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A conversation with Stanford epidemiologist Dr. Steve Goodman

Image: Andriy Onufriyenko/Getty Images

Back in March when the Covid-19 outbreak was in its early days, I asked my brother Steve to join me on , a radio show and podcast that I host, to talk about what we could expect with this new virus. Steve Goodman, MD, MHS, PhD, is an associate dean at Stanford Medical School, where he is also a professor of epidemiology and population health and of medicine. When we spoke in March, Steve described the coronavirus as a tsunami about to overwhelm us. His words were prescient: nine months later, over 350,000 Americans have died from Covid-19…

Here’s what the president’s doctors said — and didn’t say

President Trump drives past supporters in a motorcade outside of Walter Reed Medical Center. Credit: ALEX EDELMAN / Getty Images

Donald Trump is not doing well. Or he’s doing great! Depends on whom you ask. The President’s medical team has been cagey and at times deliberately misleading about his condition, but we do have some information about the progression of his illness over the weekend.

Despite the rosy picture painted by the White House…

The President and his enablers are diluting science and putting American lives at risk

A general view of hydroxychloroquine sulfate medication, which President Donald Trump touted as a potential treatment for Covid-19. There is currently no proven treatment. Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images

The use of unproven medical therapies was widespread for generations, often with catastrophic outcomes. The era of unrestrained quacks ended with establishment of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the early 1900s, and its implementation of regulations that require data on a drug’s effectiveness and safety before it can be used or marketed. Our system is not perfect, but it has become respected worldwide.

During the initial stage of any drug development, everyone involved is optimistic. Most of the time scientists are ultimately proven wrong. But even failed clinical trials provide important insights to guide the next steps…

If you’re confused about the President’s recent doctor’s visit, you’re not alone

Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

Early Sunday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted about his impromptu visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on Saturday, where he reported visiting a military family and undergoing “phase one” of his routine annual physical exam.

“Those are truly some of the best doctors anywhere in the world,” he wrote of the hospital. “Also began phase one of my yearly physical. Everything very good (great!). Will complete next year.”

In a statement on Fox News, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham refuted concerns about the president’s health, stated that he had a “quick exam and…

The Equinox and SoulCycle backlash is a reminder of an intertwined history

Credit: Johner Images/Getty Images

When PURE Yoga and Equinox instructor Jimmy Burgio heard that the billionaire behind the two luxury fitness brands would be hosting a fundraiser for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, Burgio made a gut decision: He quit his job.

On August 6, the reported that Stephen Ross, the chairman and majority owner of the real estate firm the Related Companies, was set to host a $100,000-to-$250,000-a-ticket Trump fundraiser at Ross’ Southampton home the following Friday. Among Related Companies’ subsidiary companies is Equinox Fitness, which operates Equinox, PURE Yoga, and SoulCycle. After five years of employment by Equinox and PURE…


Your life, sourced by science. A publication from Medium about health and wellness.

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