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My science-based journey to a plant-based lifestyle

Photo: Markus Spiske/Unsplash

“Heart disease? Oh, c’mon, that’s so old school.” So went my thinking as I rode a conveyor belt into a CT scan in one of those dreary medical-imaging facilities I’d managed to avoid for the entirety of my 51 years. I was fairly certain this was just another test that didn’t really apply to me, one of the many my doctor had tacked on to the growing list of exams we Americans find ourselves subjected to as we move through the decades.

One athlete’s list of pantry supplies to ensure healthy food choices if you’re in coronavirus lockdown

Photo: YinYang/Getty Images

Follow Elemental’s ongoing coverage of the coronavirus outbreak here.

A nonvegan’s curious exploration into the animal-free diet

Credit: twomeows/Getty Images

For some people, the word “vegan” means a person who eats only salad for every meal. For others, it may evoke the image of a svelte Instagrammer holding up a colorful, prettily arranged bowl of vegetables adorned with flower petals.

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