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Probably. But first, consider the risks.

Photo illustration: Save As/Medium; Source: Karsten Jipp/EyeEm/Getty Images

For the people considered too far gone, was recovery ever possible? The latest research — and innovative strategies — are offering hope.

Donald Galvin in the 1960s. Photo courtesy of The Galvin family

Experiment with props, try new classes, and maybe even ditch your screen

Photo courtesy of the author

A closer look at copper, cryotherapy, compression, and float tanks

Photo: jacoblund/Getty Images

The future is bright, but also a little weird (see: wellness toilets)

Photo: TheDman/Getty Images

Smart health devices: The biggest trends

Why emulating your younger self could help you move better

Photo: Ivan De Sousa/EyeEm/Getty Images

We’ve been through a real ~journey~ with housekeeping and mental health this year

Photo: MediaNews Group/Boulder Daily Camera/Getty Images

Stressed? Exhausted? Depressed? Here’s a surefire way to clear your head and improve your health.

Photo: massimo colombo/Getty Images

A physician traces one boy’s story and unpacks the research

Photo: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

An inside look from scientists working to quantify feelings

Photo: Peter Finch/Getty Images

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