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Our mission, the process, and some tips

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Now for the nuts and bolts.

First off, Elemental is Medium’s health and wellness publication. That means the pub is staffed by a small team of editors and writers who work directly for Medium. Our mission? …

The Nuance

People are losing the brain benefits of writing by hand as the practice becomes less common

Illustration: Kieran Blakey

Not so long ago, putting pen to paper was a fundamental feature of daily life. Journaling and diary-keeping were commonplace, and people exchanged handwritten letters with friends, loved ones, and business associates.

While longhand communication is more time-consuming and onerous, there’s evidence that people may in some cases lose out when they abandon writing for keyboard-generated text.

Psychologists have long understood that personal, emotion-focused writing can help people recognize and come to terms with their feelings. Since the 1980s, studies have found that “the writing cure,” which normally involves writing about one’s feelings every day for 15 to 30 minutes…

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