The Lowdown on Two Important Coronavirus Studies

There’s a massive amount of research on many aspects of the coronavirus pandemic. A couple of studies out today are important for understanding Covid-19 treatments and the toll of the pandemic on mental health.

What you should know about steroids for Covid-19. Three new studies out today suggest that the use of steroids like dexamethasone can help save the lives of people with severe Covid-19. But as senior writer Dana Smith reports for the Medium Coronavirus Blog, the data is significantly lacking due to the fact that the studies were cut short. Questions remain about proper dosing, which steroid is most effective, and which patients benefit the most.

Depression rates are high in the pandemic, especially for people already at risk. A study published today by researchers at Boston University found that the prevalence of depression symptoms increased from 8.5% before Covid-19 to 27.8% during the pandemic. Not only that but being in a lower income bracket and having less than $5,000 in household savings was associated with a 50% greater risk of having symptoms of depression. Read more below.

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