Six Months In

We’re Six Months Into the Pandemic. How Do We Get Out?

Introducing Elemental’s special series on Covid-19

Trying to follow this unending pandemic on a day-to-day basis has been like looking through a chain-link fence: irritating, disorienting, and nauseating. We’ve all been doing this nonstop since March. Six months later, where do we find ourselves?

All this week, Elemental is going to try and answer that question — to step back for a moment and see what comes into focus. To reflect on individual lived experiences, to celebrate the advances in Covid-19 knowledge and treatment, and to set our sights on the crucial next steps so I don’t have to write another one of these where are we? posts six months from now.

This is a clusterfuck, to be clear. But there is a way out and we hope “Six Months In” will help you see it. As for the day-to-day virus developments, our Coronavirus Blog and newsletter work really hard to keep you informed and updated without the disorienting fence effect.

Please continue to wear a mask, and we’ll continue to help you with the rest.

Sarah Collins
Elemental editor-in-chief

Editor in Chief of Elemental @ Medium.

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