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Dear Elemental reader,

This week has felt like a lifetime. I’m sitting here past midnight (on my birthday, no less) with a racing mind, bone-tired body, and tight chest. I can only imagine you’re feeling much of the same.

Since coronavirus crept into our lives early this year, Elemental has been dedicated to giving you the latest news and science-backed information to help you stay safe, healthy, and prepared. But then this week hit, and we asked ourselves: Are we doing enough? And we decided we were not.

So we created the Medium Coronavirus Blog, which launched today. It is a constantly updated, expertly curated, comprehensive compilation of everything you need to know at that moment and includes the most important Covid-19 stories from Elemental, Medium at large, and all over the web. Like I said, comprehensive. Also: It’s free. Read it here.

We’re also launching a newsletter, Your Coronavirus Update, which will point you to the most important news and stories of the day, in one handy email. It’s also free.

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Elemental’s expert team of health journalists are working night and day to help you manage throughout this crisis. Deputy editor Alexandra Sifferlin is editing the blog and I am speechless about what she has created. Lean on all of them to help get you through.

Stay safe and stay well,

Sarah Collins

Elemental Editor in Chief

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