Why Does Everything Make Me Cry?

A look at the science behind why some people cry all the time — and others never do

Photo: Aliyah Jamous/Unsplash

Crying is the basis of what makes us human. It allows us to be vulnerable while alerting the world to our existence.

No matter the cause, crying is a lifeline to expressing the rich, messy thoughts that words can only approximate. “Maybe we cannot know the real reason we are crying,” writes poet Heather Christle in The Crying Book, an exploration of tears, “maybe we do not cry about, but near or around. Maybe all our explanations are stories constructed after the fact.” After I cry I often experience a sensation that some dwindling light has just been flickered back to life — I am reawakened to my own narrative.

Writer and MFA student living in Brooklyn with my boyfriend, our imaginary dog, and our family of houseplants. @cassiearch

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