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TToday we are introducing Elemental, Medium’s new health and wellness publication. We’re launching it because, like so many of you, we want to know the truth about the best way to live and feel better. We looked around, and we all agreed it’s hard to find good, scientifically rigorous reporting in health and wellness that is useful, expert-informed, encouraging, and nuanced. Reporting that doesn’t scare readers, or dumb things down, or debunk and throw shade for the sake of debunking and throwing shade.

We wanted to create something that we wished existed in the world. So we created Elemental.

I care about this deeply. My beloved brother died seven years ago of a rare cancer his doctors didn’t initially understand. My brother’s illness prompted for me an exploration—one that is relatable to anyone who cares about this stuff—into edge science, clinical trials, and alternative medicine. For many years, I, like so many of you, have wanted somewhere to turn for answers.

I also looked for a place where I could learn to feel well myself. I explored shamanism, medicine, acupuncture, CBD. Like so many others, I just wanted to feel okay now and to have the tools that I’d need later, when the shit hit the fan. (The shit always hits the fan.)

I’ve focused intently on this subject for many years. I have worked at what was, at the time, one of the biggest magazines in the country, covering health, and I later covered the subject for a major legacy brand. What I learned in those many years has been invaluable. It also taught me that there is white space in health journalism—that something else could and should exist for readers who want to read stories they can trust, and who are curious about what hasn’t yet been proven.

We will be naming an editor in chief soon, but in the meantime, here’s my take: People want to feel better than they do. They are being marketed to constantly. They google their most private proclivities, their greatest hopes for a better life, and their fears—their fears most of all.

Launching Elemental has been a group effort for many of us, in many departments, at Medium, but Alexandra Sifferlin, who has covered health for many years, really rallied the troops. She worked closely with Cari Nazeer and Sarah Begley, both of whom also edited amazing stories for the publication. You can see their work live today.

Elemental doesn’t skew male or female, like so much of what’s out there. It’s about people who like to geek out on feeling better. It’s our hope that we will delight you, make you think, put you onto new things, and let you see what’s possible.

Every story will be aggressively researched and will include perspectives from several—not just one—leading experts in the field. And since Medium doesn’t accept ads, you can trust that we’re picking our stories based solely on what we think you’ll want to read, not what advertisers target you for.

So today is launch day! We have a deep dive into the rise of mysterious diseases, a guide to using CBD without getting ripped off, an explainer on fasting diets and their mental clarity claims, a chemist-approved skincare primer, an interview with Marie Kondo about her delightful daily routine, and much more.

There will be great stories tomorrow and every day after that. If you like what you see, you can stay up to date on what we’re publishing by hitting the FOLLOW button on the top of the Elemental homepage.

Thanks for being here,

Siobhan O’Connor
VP, Editorial at Medium

VP, Editorial @Medium. I write and edit, usually in that order.

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