Illustrations: Shuhua Xiong

Your Marvelous Body

10 fascinating, feel-good stories that never mention the coronavirus, to celebrate Elemental’s first birthday

The mysterious nerve network that quiets pain and stress — and may defeat disease

Anyone can do pullups — and here’s why you should

Deep, controlled breathing — an easy technique you can do anytime — can vastly improve your health and well-being

Science is revealing that when it comes to physical prowess, women may actually be the more powerful sex

Here’s what intermittent exercise does to the body

It’s the OG detoxifier and so much more

Women undergoing lumpectomies for breast cancer are going to their ‘happy place’

Scientists are getting closer to understanding why exercise makes us feel good. (It’s more than endorphins.)

Doctors say the tongue is a great place to look for signs of trouble — even before other symptoms occur

Touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound can improve your well-being in all sorts of surprising ways

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