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The Latest Covid-19 Recommendations for New Moms and Babies

An OB-GYN answers questions and explains best practices

After testing positive for Covid-19 earlier in the morning, Manuel Carchipulla cries as he sees his wife Diana Garcia Garcia hold her baby Danaey for the first time via FaceTime, at Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside, New York on April 28, 2020. Photo: Newsday LLC/Getty Images

“Will they take my baby away if I have the coronavirus?

New moms ask this question every day in my Texas OB-GYN practice located in the heart of a Covid-19 hot spot. During each office visit, providers and pregnant patients discuss the…




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Dr Jeff Livingston

Dr Jeff Livingston

Obgyn, Husband, Father, & Entrepreneur. Writing about Women’s Health, Parenting, and Self-improvement. CEO of MacArthurmc.com & founder of Medika.life

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